Many of us are given dating advice by our friends and sometimes by our parents when we are meeting a guy for the first time. We are taught what things should be said and what not.

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An article appeared on the retro-celebration site Retronaut this week, with a whole range of dating tips for single women… The 75-year old dating guide may have contained some rather dated tips and turns of phrase, but does the advice still resonate today?

Hayley Bystram, director of elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “This guide is decades old, and is equal parts hilarious and insightful.

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Please and flatter your date by talking about the things he wants to talk about.” Whilst the second half of this piece of advice can be deemed highly sexist and offensive, there is a certain element of truth in the first part.

When on a date, getting stuck on one conversation topic, especially one that is only of interest to one party, could spell the end for the two parties as a couple.

The remarks might seem a bit sexist but don’t be too quick to judge.